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Another Talk About "Fake Carts"



Published on September 13, 2019

Alright y'all please be safe and stay aware of everything going on. I tried to wait as long as I could to get some good facts out to y'all. Please share this video if you found it helpful as well!

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Infalung78 8 months ago
I could tell you put a lot of time in that you really went in depth with that that is really cool the way you did most people when they say talk about fake carts just say that's are bad for you and that's about it but you broke it down the way it should be good job bro brother keep up the good work✌
ava420 8 months ago
ASPARAGUS OG! LMAO great job on this informative entertaining video. The first time I tried a thc cart from the street that shit hurt immediately and I learned I wasted my money. You can't trust the packaging or the person selling it to you. In my case the safest alternative has been purchasing third party tested cbd products directly from reputable brands and dispensaries. LEGALIZE IT.
RobinM 8 months ago
Awesome video! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I definitely learned something new. You should keep your hits in the video. I tend to float more towards the pens but Ive been thinking twice. Super painful to see em ran over tho lmao
777_Productions 8 months ago
Ayeee love how informational this video was and honestly entertaining! Subbed
cmntImg 8 months ago
Awesome video! I’ll need to plan a trip there soon! New subbie here! Hope we can support each other
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