An Up Close and Personal Look at My Buds! | Old Cam Glory | Day 37

An Up Close and Personal Look at My Buds! | Old Cam Glory | Day 37



Published on February 19, 2020

Hello Everyone and thanks for clicking!

Today we are bringing out the old camera for some up close looks at the buds! They are looking frosty and delicious already! Sorry I forgot to turn down my fan, this cam pics it up a bit more than the other.

I Hope you enjoyed, and if you did please hit that

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Codygorillagrow 1 month ago
Looking very good, not bad for an old camera. Nice frosty shots thanks for sharing Zoltrix
StephSmokes 1 month ago
watched this with my hub, those buds are NICE!!! keep up the hard work !
TherealDutchman 1 month ago
looking frosty...mic looks similar to can look n see mites too with it ..mine is hard to hold steady...going to get n electronic microscope look thru laptop...keep up the excellent work buddy
wakeandbakewithmaryjane 1 month ago
Thats going to be some beautiful buds !
BeardB 1 month ago
it looks good. keep going. looks like you got a few week. your doing great for your first one. I failed like 3 or 4 times before getting one to live then to flower
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