A walk though the Eco Pharm greenhouse # 11

A walk though the Eco Pharm greenhouse # 11



Published on April 19, 2020

We are in week 9 of flower here and are getting ready to harvest. These buds look insane! The smell coming down the road to the greenhouse takes over about a half mile out haha! We are super excited to get these ladies down and see what they smoke like and how they coming out of our BHO machine. Sta

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TheHerbChronicles 7 months ago
I love that you are doing walk throughs. I’m always ready to see ur notifications pop up. Keep up the good work!!
Avatar_Mac 7 months ago
There was a suggestion to turn my phone sideways on the last video and i will definitely be doing so on the new videos. i have one more video to upload that this way and the rest will be better, and we will be starting the new round of plants in the next video!!! subscribe and like to see more
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