A Stoner's Thoughts on Edible Legalization in Canada

A Stoner's Thoughts on Edible Legalization in Canada



Published on September 18, 2019

I’ve been eating edibles waaay before cannabis was legal and with Canada’s upcoming legalization of edibles I have some thoughts. So in this video, we are going to eat some gummies that I made with the help of the Marijuana Group (the subscription box that helps you make your own dosed,

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stonedalone 9 months ago
Very interesting perspective
andreaincanada 9 months ago
Time to Susie Homemaker up my edible game.
medicinalmanderz 9 months ago
I feel ya. I’m need about 25mg now. So much chewing.
TiffanyHatesSociety 9 months ago
In U.S. states that allow recreational edible sales, there is also a 10mg limit, but the limit applies to the individual serving dosage rather than the dosage of the entire package. This means you can buy a single box, bag, pack, etc of edibles that is up to 100mg as long as it is divided into 10mg servings. For example, you can buy a 100mg box of gummies, and there are ten individual gummy pieces in the box that are 10mg each. You can buy a 50mg bag of cookies that has five small, 10mg cookies in one bag. If Canada plans on allowing something like this, that would eliminate the concern about excessive packaging.
kushin’kels 8 months ago
This was a really good video. Thank you for sharing.
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