A Hit out of Every Piece Of Glass I Own


Published on January 14, 2019

This is HANDS DOWN the craziest video ive ever made. This even tops out the 1lb hot box. I took a rip out of 9 pipes and then hit 28 dabs back to back. Almost an hour and a half long, a few kabobbles, and tons of fuckery later and im still standin
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Category : WeedTube


stonedalone 5 months ago
damn boi that is quite a lot of pieces
420wheelz 6 months ago
Please edit the pukes out.
timbowsee 6 months ago
You are borderline almost super human to pull that off. Hats off , glad you survived lol. Please do a video explaining the aftermath what happened ? Lol
austin00 5 months ago
Bruh threw up and still kept going. That’s why you’re my favorite Matthias
cheeseydabs13 5 months ago
Welcome to Matthias: The Movie

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