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Published on July 08, 2019

hey friends! today im back with another stoney chats and i talk about an unfortunate experience i had recently with a company i was selling my designs on. This was definetly a learning experience and im excited for the future, thank you so much for all the love and suport you guys have been giving m

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Category : LGBTQ Community


kushycassie 2 weeks ago
Wow ! The messed up ..! I understand them getting a percentage for using there site ... but for you to only get $2 for your own design that’s crazy !!
raynebeauvaper 2 weeks ago
Sucks you got scammed. Side note: Is that a bunny rabbit in the cage behind you? You should totally do a vid with them!
tnb-naturals-inc 1 week ago
Def subbing much love
localtrainboy 1 week ago
miranda666 2 weeks ago
love you but omg pls change the water in the green piece

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