Published on June 20, 2019

Some people say that cannabis can make you lazy, and forgetful. While it CAN be true, it doesn't have to be. The inspiration of cannabis is a major help to brainstorming and workflow. How can you become more productive while still using cannabis? Well, in this video I share 5 of my top tips to h

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gigi-ebbesmier 1 month ago
hmmmmmm.. do I smell a book in the works
too-lit-tara 1 month ago
This actually really helped! And was hilarious at the same time!! Literally starting a to do list right after I comment!! Please make another video with more information(:
noaarr 1 month ago
So glad this video came from the CEO of TWT, hope everyone can take something from this, bc so sick of stereotypes about this community. I learnt to use smoking as a reward system.. best way to follow through everything
baroness 1 month ago
This was a great video! I'm a to-do list person and you renewed my love for it!
jenro643 1 month ago
Hey Arend! I absolutely love this video :) From one productive stoner to the next I suggest that you check out, or maybe suggest to some of your employees, Wunderlist. It's a free app and website that has similar capabilities to the one that you purchased. It is one of my favorites for organizing all my tasks!

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