5 Important Things to Remember During Pride

5 Important Things to Remember During Pride



Published on June 10, 2019

Pride season is one of my favorite times of the year. I remember being a young gay boy and wishing I could go to pride so badly. I actually snuck out of the house when I was 17 to go to my first pride. What a rush! Anyway, I think it's important to remember a few specific things during pride sea

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diydea 11 months ago
When you said straight pride immediately thought of when I’ve seen and heard people say why isn’t there a white history month......
mamat27 11 months ago
Pixie Tay here! Happy Pride Arend! <3 Love you! I'm going to Denver in like a month to go to my long time friend Brandon and his fiance Ace's Wedding! I am SO STOKED! He came out to me and his sister when we were 16. And now he's marrying the love of his life and I get to be there! It make's my heart so happy.
tokentalks 11 months ago
I like that you addressed in an equal educational way, what and who Pride stands for, is for and supports for those who may not know or those like me who have never went but would love to. This whole video was just blunt real and honest. ESPECIALLY, the fact that straight pride IS NOT a thing Because that doesn’t make sense and I could speak on that alone for hours and hurt some feelings but u know what sometimes u gotta for a better purpose. This was quality content. Keep being you Arend, we love you. -Syd
hippiery 11 months ago
I completely agree with the fact that straight pride is NOT a thing, if your offended by that you are just not intelligent lol
emmalie420 11 months ago
I totally agree with what you said about visibly. I’m Bisexual and I can’t think of any notable bi characters other than Jenny from the L word. And even then she paints a poor picture of us. Anyways thanks for you positive vibes.
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