420 VLOG !!!


Published on April 28, 2019
Hey Friends!

Finally getting my 420 vlog up! I hope you guys had an awesome 420. As always grab your ganja and enjoy!

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My Love: @dizzy.queer

Me: @bigtittydude


My Love: @dizzyqueer_

Me: @bigtittydude

Category : LGBTQ Community


hizbd 2 months ago
Sick vlog y’all! Filming in public is the worst I feel you. Those waffles gave me a dick just so I could get hard omg they look so good
tokiedokie420 2 months ago
OMGGG!! THIS WAS SO AWESOME!! I am so happy y'all had a good time, besides the creepers you ran into! watching this made kel and I want to move there even more!!!
crazed-n-blazed 2 months ago
Absolutely loved this!!

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