3 Steps Before Harvest! - Growing Cannabis Indoors

3 Steps Before Harvest! - Growing Cannabis Indoors



Published on December 06, 2019

In this video I talk about 3 steps that I do before harvest when growing cannabis indoors. If you enjoyed this video please click that thumbs up button! :)


This gardening video is for educational and/or documentary purposes and isn't designed to help or encourage others to imitate.

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NewTestament 1 month ago
I think you did a excellent job at breaking down when to harvest your plant, as you mention it's really what the grower prefer. I usually harvest my plants when the triclones are cloudy, and that's usually around 50 to 56 days with most of my strains, and that's because I'm going after the highest level of THC. for some reason with my style of growing I always get to that point around those days with almost every strain I grow and people always say I harvest too early, if you have time could you check out some of my harvests and let me know what you think in my videos. Thanks this is a great video
dherb420 1 month ago
Does the blue planet farmers pride organic nutrients needs to be flused like the synthetic do?
provisional-stoner 1 month ago
Appreciate you! This is great (:
kusoe 1 month ago
I got a Carson took me a while to get the hang of it but just started run 2 so
brucebarchus 1 month ago
Thank you for all your knowledge keep it up
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