Published on January 22, 2019
24 HOUR tolerance break made possibly with Kushy Punch CBD haha
Order online LEGALLY in all 50 states: https://kushycbd.com/?utm_source=koala.puffss

Use "KOALA10" for a discount :)

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mommabelle 4 weeks ago
_,\|/,_ RESPECT out to all KOALA Subscribers - ISN'T SHE A GAS? - I cannot help but notice KOALA's sub numbers climb. - Heck yeah, RIGHT ON! I am glad others appreciate her comedic GENIUS as I do. KOALA paired with MACDIZZLE is brilliance! It's like LAVERNE and SHIRLEY on cannabis. _,\|/,_
potato 3 months ago
in honor of your of your thc free day, i have gone 6 minutes and 48 seconds without thc....... p.s. I lika the CBD
localtrainboy 4 months ago
I like da cbd hehe
medi-kate420 4 months ago
I like CBD! Can’t wait for the Michigan meet up, I’m hoping to be able to make it out but my due date is the 18th so we will see. I’ve had an almost 9 month tolerance break so I know when I can smoke again it will be intense! Love your videos as always!
sinse420 3 months ago
i likaaa dah cbd mon

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