200 BONG RIPS?!?! ft. MacDizzle420, StonedAlone, and Chuwy!


Published on October 25, 2018
Hey everyone! Welcome to this video which ended up being one of the most fun nights in a while! MacDizzle, Tim, Chuy and I all together take 200 bong rips to check the strength of the Smojo! The results will blow your mind.

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Category : Comedy


stoneysarah 7 months ago
That was an awesome video/sesh! Highly entertaining, thanks for the content, always looking for more from the weedtube gang. Seriously always stalking my social media looking for stuff from you guys. Stay high!
paul 1 month ago
definitely had me rolling the whole time. y'all are amazing!
carsntrees 7 months ago
It’s so cool to see how far you’ve come, Arend. Happy Halloween ?
420wheelz 7 months ago
Weedtube and youtube combined this is the funniest video you've uploaded arend!!!
michela-donofrio 7 months ago
Tim is so cute when he goes "we usin smojos up in here?" I love him

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