Published on October 13, 2018
We put Resolution to the test with our 25 dirty rigs - and decided to get lit in the meantime.
I LOVE this blue cleaning get! It's made our life 10000 times easier
Hope you like this video! Cheers
Check our resolution: https://www.resolutioncolo.com/
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fredric-a-frost 8 months ago
Where can I get a pride rig like that?
smoking-brunette-from-maine 8 months ago
So first of all I LOVE watching Koala and MAC! You guys are awesome!! Second, watching you guys clean your bongs makes me want to wash and clean all mine!! Haha I just might do that too!
caffeinetrash 8 months ago
I can't believe y'all cleaned so many pieces with only 4 bags! I had never heard of that brand until now and I'm totally gonna get myself a few packs Also you guys make me laugh so much and it's awesome bc I've been feeling like shit lately but after watching you guys I feel a little better <3
mommabear 7 months ago
I’m actually not surprised it lasted for 25 pieces! I got my first order about two months ago. And the first bag lasted me a whole month! I LOVE resolution!! And you two make cleaning way too entertaining :)
jordolicious 7 months ago
Your apartment with all your pieces on display is lit

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