Published on October 11, 2018
HIGH everyone! I promised I would do a 1g dab when i hit 1,000 followers on IG ***@janelle_uncensored*** and i absolutely failed! Watch the video to see. I have a part 2 to this video, where I explain what went wrong and the aftermath! So subscribe to see the follow up video!

IG @janelle_uncensor
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lilianpearl 8 months ago
I'm so glad you decided not to do the other half of the dab. I'm right there with you, I would be ded. Thanks for sharing, and kudos on getting me to sub, cuz I wanna see your follow up. Peace.
barefootstoner 6 months ago
Thanks for sharing; I hope you do clear it soon! Also fruit juice (lots of Vitamin C) I find helps to calm if if you're really high.

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