100 PUFF CHALLENGE + never have I ever PART 2


Published on December 11, 2018
part 2 here we goooo
If anything - watch the hot mess I become after all those puffs HAHA
The ending was SO hilarious for me to edit - hope you like it!

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bluntlynicole 6 months ago
omg i have 100% peed myself while laughing too hard way to many times to count, almost again watching this video hahaha. i love you! im gonna have to give this challenge a go, i tried to keep up but did a dab first and then... hahaha and tinkle finkle hahaha
ellie415 6 months ago
I took a bong rip every time you did. That was hilarious ? and I'm very high now.
babydeartina 6 months ago
lordmogy365 6 months ago
? ??????
stonedin_ne 6 months ago

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