Published on April 09, 2019

Hiiiiiiii!!! haha, soooo I could not do a 2 hour blaze up like suggested - but honestly this was PLENTY in my opinion, haha! Hope you enjoy this laid back blaze up with some fun facts and stories about me :) Should i do these types of videos a bit more often?

Category : WeedTube


robert_walker87 1 month ago
It’s gif not gif
jasminebunny 2 months ago
Love the Doritos! Also, a challenge could be 100 hits of weed, but change it to 100 dabs or 100 bong rips. Or you and mac splitting an ounce in one sitting would be hilarious.
monsterdemon420 2 months ago
maybe lower the sound of the music just a bit, kinda hard to hear you once your voice started to go lol
ganjasmurf420 2 months ago
Love the Doritos haha I smoked thru this entire Sesh with u and loved it lol I’m feeling how u was feeling lol and now need a nap ??????
babydeartina 2 months ago
GIF Koala my bet is: A. You will finish the hour! I've been puffing along with you, but not nearly as much as you. Lay's Sour Cream and Onion for sure I am a Champion. lmao love the Doritos

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