#MarsHydroEbay420 8ft x 4ft Grow Tent / WK 6 Flower Room Update

#MarsHydroEbay420 8ft x 4ft Grow Tent / WK 6 Flower Room Update



Published on April 10, 2020

#MarsHydroEbay420 /Please like thisvideo to help with the contest! Thanks so much! In this video I move my Mars Hydro 8X4 grow tent to the garage for a dark room. I will also go over my old 2 tent setup. I includeanend of week 6 Flower Room Update.

Thanks for watching I really do appreciate it! Stay

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TherealDutchman 3 months ago
nice!!! wish i had a basement or garage/or a fukin house !! lol.....i would have ductwork running in/out just like you have with filters of course..was that a ac infinity t12 i saw?...that design is the only one that doesn't howl like the t6 and t4 does...nice teamwork there with steph ... see you both next time..great video
Wabbit 3 months ago
looking good my friend, sadly we all experience some genetics that just dont work with our set up, dont feel to bad about it, i have simply stop running couple of ogs as they just dont perform well for me, oh well bs happens, i have been saving those beans for another attempt when i feel i have worked out the kinks, stay safe buddy and happy growing
BigG 3 months ago
looking good bro
ZoltrixGrower 3 months ago
Nice Jay, you have a nice set up in the house as well as the garage haha. The ladies flowering look really good. It's too bad about the Jack Herer though. What is the flowering time listed for it? It's mainly sativa isn't it? Would be sweet it it really started fattening up next week though haha. The plants are looking huge though man, nice work and happy growing!
BadGranny 3 months ago
Garden looking BEAUTIFUL, brother!!! and your helper was Epic!!! Sending you and your ohana Big love from your big island Fans!!
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