[High with Heather] Let's Talk about Vaping Illness

[High with Heather] Let's Talk about Vaping Illness



Published on September 23, 2019

I've been sick for a while, and went to see Dr. Aberegg here in Utah to see if it's the Vape Illness that has made so many others sick. I recorded what I could of the process, and got the Dr's permission to record him explaining things.

Stay tuned for more uploads, and don't forge

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jczie 2 months ago
Great video. Thanks so much for sharing. It takes a lot of bravery to be as open as you have been with the world. I would love to see an update video at some point so we can see how your recovery is going. Thanks again for sharing!
yeahimstoned 2 months ago
nice video
adriana101 2 months ago
Thank you for uploading I’ve been scared shitless to be honest. Best of luck!
ThirzaD 2 months ago
yup, it's called programming for a reason. I'm so sorry you went through this rollercoaster! and how much time/$ you spent going to doctors. and how many others were scared into it too? I had heard that it was the carts themselves too, leaching metals into your lungs, not just shady thickening/cutting agents. thanks for sharing the truth, amazing video.
cmntImg 2 months ago
nice, thanks for the information!
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