"Asses on Fire" Dire THC Infused (73.5mg) Hot Sauce recipe



Published on March 29, 2020

South Park inspired Dire THC infused Hot Sauce. It's like regular THC infused Hot Sauce, but Dire.

What you need:

1. Hot Peppers (As much as you want. I used 20xGhost Peppers, 4x Carolina Reapers, 3x Habanero (2x red and 1x Chocolate), 4xJalapeno.

2. 15ml of THC oil (we used Goodship, but you

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Category : Cooking w/ Cannabis


AardVark 6 months ago
Now this is a great video. I grow a ton of super hot peppers. I have at least 20 different pepper varieties growing right now. I love how my purple jalapenos are growing. I need to get videos of them once I get the time. I love me some spicy stuff. We need to do a "hot ones" marijuana style.
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