(2Hot for youtube) How To Water Your Plants & Train Root Balls

(2Hot for youtube) How To Water Your Plants & Train Root Balls



Published on December 09, 2019

this video was not only deleted 2 times for being "dangerous and violent" but the second time gave me a strike that blocked me from my YT channel for 1 week, and yet they have paid advertisements that show cannabis, that is what we call a hypocrite folks, oh well theweedtube is the place f

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kevieboy420 9 months ago
Very non violent and not dangerous and nicely informative
Wiserpatriot30 9 months ago
Wow what is wrong with youtube anyway thank you for posting the vid cheers
ronmill 9 months ago
have u ever tryed fabric pots u get more air flow and instead of getting root bound like in plastic pot as they grow when the roots get to the plastic they will wrap around the out side of the root ball by the end of the grow what happens in fabric pot when they get to the end of the fabric pot is they will stop at the fabric and start new roots and not get root bound the bigger the root they will need more water and a better yeldu can also add microbes to your soil that help feed the plant more u are right on the less the water the better i feed every 3 to 4 days didnt no if u new any of this just tring to give u some of my knowledge and try to help when i can
dylanb 9 months ago
man YouTube is so fuckin over rated you are doing a community service!!! you are literally teaching ppl how to be able to live sustainably as it comes to being able to produce your own medicine!!! you are teaching ppl how to garden a LIFE FUCKIN SKILL!!! I personally just want you to know man I am totally in to the way you do things the way ur vids are made and just how you and you lady love this medicine and are even cool and unselfish enough to break your privacy and let in millions of ppl into your home so you can teach something you love!! I sir respect the hell outta you and I think you should just keep on keeping on and f¥(k YouTube!! you are the man life's a garden dig it keep it up bro!!! sorry for the aggressive Manor it just makes me mad when the big guy picks on the little guy!! rant over lol hope you have a beautiful and highly medicated day!!!!
nachoelcacho 9 months ago
great info... thanks for sharing.. have you had any experiece in regards foliar fertilizers
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