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    Introducing my FOUR new pieces!
    I bought four new pieces to add to my collection Subscribe and follow my Instagram marijuanameg
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    Super Lit Q&A
    I get super lit and then answer some stoney questions
    44 views | 3 weeks ago
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    DIHigh Lighter Holder Pt.1
    Get it DIHigh Instead of DIY do it yourself I decided to do a DIH do it high. Stay tuned for part 2...
    13 views | 1 month ago
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    Speed smoking out of my pieces
    I made chicken alfredo and smoked a lot of weed and ate a lot of food marijuaname...
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  • 00:15:55
    Death by Dabs
    This is the biggest dab I have ever taken RIP to my lungs for sure. I got so high I didnt do a prope...
    85 views | 1 month ago
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    My Time in Utah
    Come along with me on my family ski trip to Costa-SunshinebrTom Petty and...
    11 views | 1 month ago
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    Hotel Evacuation Hotbox Story Time Sesh
    I hotbox my car with two joints as I tell the story of how my sister and I were evacuated from a hot...
    26 views | 2 months ago
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    Get ready with me!
    Join me as I go through my daily morning routine I promise my next video will be full screen but in...
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