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Unboxing 10+ New Pieces w/ Friends! || Watch and Sesh

Welcome back to a new episode of Watch and Sesh where myself and most of TheWeedTube team show you some of the things we picked up on the last day of Champs Trade show in Las Vegas! Hope you enjoy!


Shouts out to all my friends who were in this episode of Watch and Sesh! Subscribe to the ALL below!

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  1. Joya’s reaction to the camera was priceless.
    I LOVE the mini Headdies bong it’s fire!!!!
    Loosing your looks…. really Arend. Come on now, You know better then that!!!
    Thank you, Next
    Come on Brandon, be nice.
    I like Ariana’s new pink beaker.
    THANK YOU TO EACH PERSON ON TWT TEAM!!! as a daily TWT watcher, I appreciate you all working hard to keep the site up and running!!
    I love you Arend. Thank you for another awesome watch and sesh. xoxoxo

  2. I love how salty Arend is about the Blazers πŸ˜‚ The mini headdies bong is fucking fire, too
    Arend, you are definitely not losing your looks, you’re handsome as shit and I’m sad yet not sad that you’re gay lol I love you so much and never doubt yourself boo 😘❀
    Thank you, next πŸ‘Œ
    I wanna see what Tim’s Blazer had lmao
    Omg Arianna is gorgeous asf
    SO much cool stuff, thanks for another Watch N Sesh!!!! Love you all

  3. Watch’n’sesh on location is life– it’s like a TWT diary u feel. Love how that first rig is on brand for color and aesthetic<3
    YOOOO We have a 10mm banger exactly like that! So good and terpy! It's ZBD's faveeee!

    OMFG YES PLEASE NEXT DROP//Tiny dab vac and tiny straight bong <3

    I have to watch the rest of the vid later because I gtg to my stupid ass day job that I can't wait to leave. Will probs comment again tonight lmao.

    Love yall


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