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  1. Dude that sucks. I don’t like the guy you dated, he sounds like an asshole. Just saying. I’m sorry your first high was crazy like that. I’m glad it’s better now! I love watching your vids! I always love when you give advice about cannabis, so that was my favorite part 😀

  2. My first time eating high i was bout 16 or 17 and my brother and best friend who are like major stoners met me in a Lowes parking lot. They lit a blunt and told me how to hit it and passed it to me. I took the first fucking puff and thought i was dying. then it kicked in while riding and i swear i thought i was in a land of rainbows and ice cream. we got nachos and i kept telling my best friend i didn’t know if i was eating while i continued to stuff my face.

  3. my first time is first of all I was far to young to be smoking (in my opinion like 14) but it was after a basketball game at the school I went to at the time, and there were like 8 of us all using like 1 really terrible dirty dry pipe type and every time it came to me it was absolutely kashed and terrible and honestly the whole thing was super boring and I just remember being like damn well this sucks but I gave it another shot like a year later and the second time around was wonderful!

  4. My first time getting high i fell off of a 6 ft ledge… Landed on my stomach… Turned onto my back and started cracking up to the 6 friends of mine that were still on the ledge….. I actually wanted to cry. 😂😂😂 but i was too high to cry!! 😂😂😂💨

  5. The first time I had weed it was laced with Crystal meth. I was fucking blacked the fuck out and remembered her naked next to me. And I was naked too. She told me that I was really good last night. So I’m guessing we fucked. So I’m thinking OMFG we fucked last night. 2 days after that, I had a seizure. My Dad heard a thump and saw me spazz out on the floor. He waited in my room until I was almost finished, then he took me to the emergency room and they took my blood, they said we found Crystal meth in your system. I was like still out of it. Not know WTF is going on. That’s how I developed a seizure condition My Dad called my mom and my ass moved back home. I was 18 and now I am 23. The time I was 20 and I smoked weed with my cousin. I trust him and he showed me the fun sides of smoking weed too. Now I don’t think I can stop. This is a beautiful plant. My favorite part was when your bf in LA showed you the fun side of weed.

  6. My first time was pretty cool actually….. I was 14 and one of my skate friends asked me if wanted to smoke, so I said yes….. so we left school during lunch andwent behind a dollar general to a spot he smoked at….. he had a half joint of trainwreck (still by far my favorite weed). So we smoked and I got pretty buzzed…. I went to school and went to sixth period, sat down and pulled my phone out and started watching Ian and Anthony from smosh do the whisper challenge….. laughed my ass off the whole period and the guy behind me asked me if I was okay cause he thought I was crying…. but the first time I got zooted was also when i bought my first G… basically we went to the skatepark during lunch and my friend pulls out a joint with hindu kush in it…. I was stoned to the bone and then went and bought a G of a og kush x girl scout hybrid… best day of my life

  7. My first smoking experience was the complete opposite lol I was with my older cousin at her boyfriends house with their mates and everybody was smoking weed.

    They offered me a bong and I was like ok sure. So I have a cone and I’m sitting there waiting what something to happen, ANNND it doesn’t.

    So I take another hit and wait again and nothing. I took 3 more hit from the bong and at this point, and to be honest, I was a bit disappointed. I had smoked 5 bowls and nothing happened. I was like this is so stupid I don’t feel shit.

    Long store short, I did NOT get high. HOWEVER, the First time I actually got high was a whole other experience that is a little fuzz because I was drunk before I smoked.

    That night is where I learnt a very valuable lesson which was “Beer then grass you’re on your arse. Weed then beer, you’re in the clear!” I wish could recall it better but it was sooo long ago I only have fragments of that nigh lol

    PLEASE let me know who else has experienced not getting high the first time they ever smoked! It can’t have been just me.

  8. first time i got high, i was in 6th grade with a G. i rolled dat up in a blunt then smoked it in my bathroom, i was dying. i took a shower after and i washed my hair like 5 times then didnt get out the shower until everything was dry lmaaooa. i went back to bed and started getting scared as shit thinkin i was gon be high forever. then i knocked out and had the best sleep EVER

  9. My first time was at my cousins house with his girlfriend. And her and I got high and just watch TV so I got as fuck up she would not let off the couch why you ask she knew it was my first time then I woke up the next day

  10. First time I got high was when reggie was still more popular, but my best friend had gotten some of that “hydro maaann” lol
    Third bongs each later we have to walk back to my place, a usual 30 minuet walk. Took us an hour and a half! We were baby stepping and laughing so hard the whole way, two 13 year old kids. I’m shocked no one was concerned XD good times.

  11. OH MY GOD I’ve been smoking since I was 13 but only gotten buzzed. The first time I ever got BAKED was when I was 15 years old.
    My heart was racing, everything seemed to move in slow motion, I thought I was hearing voices but it was really just my friends fucking with me, I thought the cops were gonna show up, I made my friend slap me across the face thinking it would sober me up and obviously it didn’t, I ended up laying on the couch in my friends basement crying and then eventually I guess I fell asleep. I eventually woke up, still high (only like a 40 min nap) and I had brought a jar of Nutella for myself and my friends to share and then started sobbing when I realized they had eaten it all while I was sleeping. I thought that I would never smoke again and being high was the worst thing in the world and then when I was 17 I started getting back into it and now, at 20, I’m a very frequent smoker. The first time getting baked is always super intense and who you are with really makes a difference.

  12. The first time I got HIGH I was at a party. It was mostly guys playing pool. Me and my sister came and met our friend Mark. My sister doesn’t smoke and never has. She was around 18 I was around 16. So mark and his friends smoke this big pipe. And pass it to me. My sister was like “fine” I don’t care. I gave her the impression I knew what I was doing. So I took a hit and choked and coughed my lungs out. The whole room zoomed in and out. My sister was talking to me and her head floated away. Haha I knew it wasn’t happening but I started freaking out like omgggg why and I went outside and sat on the ground and everyone came out and was asking if I was okay. I couldn’t even talk I was like drooling. Lol. And then I came down a little and went back inside and sat on the couch and started being giggly. But that was way later. I did not like it at all!!!!! My sister took us home and she snuck me into the house so my parents wouldn’t know. Afterwards it started getting a lot better for me. After breaking my leg pretty bad I think I couldn’t even live without this wonderful plant.

  13. I was 16 at the time in New York with my friend and she had a dab pen and I hit it 12 TIMES saying “hm…I don’t feel anything, are you sure this works?” And then it hit me and the whole room zoomed in and out and I thought I was going to have a heart attack cause my whole body was vibrating like crazy and I was super sleepy but I didn’t want to fall asleep cause I thought I would overdose. It was just a ridiculous time and now cannabis has changed my life so I can’t complain!

  14. I was a college freshman and I was in an attic above a house party surrounded by 8 of my closest friends who had all smoked for a long time. My two best friends split holding the bong and lighting the bowl for me. I took three rips while everyone around me took great pleasure in watching me go from the “I’ll never smoke weed” kid to a pothead. I got somewhat stoned and then let them drag me around downstairs while they told everybody at the party that I was high for the first time.

  15. My first time was horrid. It was a sativa and i wanted one hit. So what do my ass hat friends do they start hotboxing the trailer and blowing it in my face. I felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest. Just someone speaking to me scared the fuck out of me. I thought i was going to have a heart attack and go down as the first person to ever die from pot. I ended up calling my mom and dad to come get me. I was honest and told them everything. The only thing they asked was if i had learned something… Uh yeah get better friends… My second time was years later and still pretty shitty but an improvement. I had started taking treatments couldn’t eat lost 20 pounds in a week and a half. (mind you i was 115 before hand) so i looked like death. So my baby daddy comes home and says i got you something to help. Okay I’m game I’m grasping at straws here and the prescription pills aren’t helping. So we smoke up. I got the giggles blacked out ate the entire pantry… Came back to my heart doing that racing thing and wrappers all over the damn house. Please please don’t give newbies sour diesel smh. Then my older sister turned me on to indicas because she knew i didn’t like accelerants (i won’t even take caffeine pills they makes my heart go nuts and make me feel shitty) and she had read that it was more towards the nausea and pain so i was like okay third time is the charm right? soooooo RIGHT! INDICAS ARE MY SHIT! i feel so damn good on them and like i conquer the world (one cheetos at a time of course 😂) seriously tho i think everyone has a shitty first time and you have to find what works for you.. Don’t give up trust me it gets better ☺️

  16. kinda same experience – my acutal first time smoking was not planned – long story short… my best friend and i were at a friends house with only dudes and we smoked a bit from a joint and got a headshot ( idk if you know that but thats what ppl here in my hometown call it when you turn the end of a joint around and put it in ur mouth and blow it so the smoke goes through the tip and smbody can inhale it) which was actually pretty cool, but then my real first time i smoked with a friend like 2 joints thinking everything was cool until i started tripping and making myself freaked out and my friend freaked out so my mom got me and i played sick and tired in front of her and took a fat nap at home haha

  17. relatable, my shitty ex got me high we had to walk home before that he took me to some crackheads house and is like “i have these pills & i need to share with her” so he left me with her kids in the front room to go smoke some pills with her. i definitely could not go home but eventually i dumped his cheating ass and still smokes for the past 4 years 😛

  18. Omg my first time smoking was ridiculous lol.
    I was with my ex riding in a friend’s car on the way to school with not just a shitty dry pipe; but a FOIL dry pipe! 🤮 my ex had also popped THREE triple stacks of E. This is important. I chiefed down a WHOLE bowl in two hits because he just said here smoke this when I said I had a headache and nothing else. He called me iron lung; we jammed to music, all is well. It was creeper so it took a little to hit me. As it hits me, my ex opens the windows and proceeds to exorcist level force puke up the stacks and everything else he ate for the past two days. It got all over inside and out of the car, the windshield, and everyone except me. But oh it gets better. I walk into school more wasted than I had been on Liqour, barely manage to get through choir, and fell asleep next period on my project. Drool, snoring and all. I woke up and was still baked but better at the end of the class. I was obnoxiously loud and laughed at everything. I wound up skipping after lunch to go get McDonald’s lmao. By some, miracle; I didn’t get caught.
    But my headache was gone. 😂

  19. First time was with my boyfriend right after high school. He asked me one day if I wanted to hotbox his car. I had no idea at the time what it was, I thought it was a sexual thing so I said hell yeah lol. We’re in his car, he brings out 2 joints, hands me one and lights his. I thought fuck it, I’ve smoked cigarettes before, what’s a little weed? I took a few puffs, didn’t inhale because I didn’t know I needed to, and started to feel calmer, I was inhaling everything in the hot box. I gave him the rest of my joint, said I was good and was quiet the rest of the night tripping balls lol. I had about $5 on me and was starving so we stopped at McDonald’s, bought 4 burgers for myself, he dropped me off after and I passed out at home. I don’t even remember what I said when I got home, if anyone even noticed I was SO out of it lol. Ahh to be 18 and in love lol

  20. What a first time! Lol my favorite part of the video was your scream 🤣 my first time was super pleasant besides being way too drunk! I had like 7 friends around me that had been trying to convince me for so long and they were SO easy on me! The first not drunk time, it got me out of bed for the first time in like 2 days!! Been smoking ever since (6 years now!)

  21. The first time I got high I was at my ex gfs friends house with *drumroll* a shitty dry pipe and not only that they taught me how to smoke incorrectly so I was smoking a lot and nothing was really happening. It wasn’t till I started dating my current gf that she showed me how to smoke correctly and now it’s fucking amazing. The people you’re with and the enviroment you are in definitely makes a difference

    And loved you getting scared cause that’s me 😂

  22. Thanks for sharing your story! I am having a hard time remembering mine 1st time smoking weed, I do remember the 1st time I ever been in a hotboxed car, was also my first blunt experience, and my loud speakers, as I sat in the backseat of an old Monte Carlo, next to a set of 12″ speakers, that was one of my favorite best high moments, ever!!! Enjoy your day!!!!$😊💙👌✌❗❗❗❗💲✌

  23. My first smoking experience wasn’t that eventful but the first time I trying edibles was CRAZYYYYY. I was in my dorm with my freshman year college roommate and her boyfriend and we had bought crumb cake from someone in her boyfriend’s building and like an hour after I ate HALF we were decorating our tiny Christmas tree and I started tripping BALLLLSSSS. I started shaking because I got so cold so I climbed up onto my bunk bed and got under like 7 blankets and called my mom to come get me. That angel of a woman took me home, fed me fried chicken and mac & cheese and put me to bed. Felt a million times better the next morning lmaoooo needless to say, buying edibles from a sketchy college freshman in a dorm room ain’t the way to go!😹

  24. My favorite part was Mac scaring you most definitely lol!! My first time smoking was similar to yours! It was with my best friend at the time her boyfriend and her older sister was the one introducing it to us. Well we have this homemade chillum that was smoked out of and I just remember her taking a puff and we all would. I remember throwing up in the snow and saying I’m done I’m so done and I’m pretty sure I took like 10 or 11 hits she packed like 5 chillums. I then remember the older sister and her mom going to the movies they asked if I wanted to go I said no so when they left I was downstairs in the recliner with her laptop playing the sims and when they got back 3 hours later I was still in the same spot. I don’t even remember what happen in between the time they left and when they got back…I’m not sure if I actually played the sims or if I just sat there?? Lol it’s a big blur.

  25. My first time smoking my brother got me and a few of my best friends high with this skinnnyyy ass joint. We werr in my bathroom blew the smoke out the window sprayed ourselfs. And my eyes were bloodshot and so low i sat down at my coffee table and painted my finger nails and toes for 4hrs. My friends watched porn while another one talked about whales and teddy bears😂😂😂 painting or getting my nails done while im high is a tradition now and it always takes so long

  26. 😂😂😂 best video. My first time smoking was pretty traumatic also! My older brother and cousin were outside on the pouch after my mom went to sleep and I went out there to hang/be cool.. They were puffing on a j and let me take a couple hits. Mind you I was 12 and lived in East LA.. Heard sirens and freaked the fuckkkk out. Swear the cops were on their way. It was over for me.. Nope. it was an ambulance. Didn’t touch it again for a little while, but I overcame and am thriving 🙂

  27. First time I ever smoked pot I was a 14 year old freshman and I went with these older kids one other girl that was about my age to the park next to my old high school. A dude takes lit his little metal pipe and eventually it got to me. Before I started smoking weed I had NO CLUE how to light a lighter so my friend that introduced me to weed would light it for me each time. After that everyone went there separate ways and I went back to school. Never was high in school before but I decided I was gonna sit in the library until it was time to take the after school bus. When I walked in to the school I would walk by someone and think it was a kid that I knew but it turned out to be a completely differenf person. Lol that was weird. Luckily I was comfortably high and not fucked up. The weed we were smoking then was definitely not as potent as the weed I cop now from my dispensary. This was about 5 years ago so I have a lot of stoner adventures to tell. By the way, at the end of this video you looked like Jackie from That 70s Show when they form the smoke circle in the basement.😂😂😂

  28. So I think the first time I smoked was with my brother in are garage so I was in a safe place but we were smoking fake bake watching trippy YouTube videos. Then I had some friends come over we smoked outside in the back yard then later I think we all just past out somewhere in my room… So yeah I guess I’ve never had a bad trip I’ve always been somewhere safe.

  29. Yes when i first started smoking like 6 or 7 years ago, I low-key didnt enjoy getting too stoned but then i just started smoking more and more and found the fun and medicating side of it and i enjoy it a lot more but that haopened within like the first or second year of smoking cannabis but i love how I watched your live stream on instagram and you gave us a secret of the guy you were talking about in the this video😂😂 hilarious😂

  30. The first time I smoked was in the woods behind my high school using a really shitty metal pipe 🤦🏼‍♀️ Looking back I never really smoked that much in one sitting so I have no idea how it even got me high.

  31. I use to be very against weed because I wanted to make my cop dad happy, but shit went down and my life kinda went to shit, and he was still there for me no matter what, so I decided to reinvent myself. My best friend and I promised each other that if we ever smoked weed, we would do it together. Well one day we are on the way back from Taco Bell on our lunch break at work, and I told her “I think I wanna try weed for the first time” and she was 100% on board! She got us a pretty big joint, and her roommates “helped us” split it into smaller joints, when really they took most of it lol. So the joints we had didn’t get me high at all, even though I knew I was inhaling properly and all that. So after that, I had a friend from my youth group days, who turned into a huge stoner after he got out of the army, and I knew he would be the person to go to, and learn how all this shit works. We went and got an 8th at a dispensary and came back to his place, where we loaded the bowl into a very pretty bubbler, and I took a few good hits off that. We also bought a ton of chips and stuff, so I chilled the fuck out and watched True Memiors of an International Assassin, while chowing down on some Doritos. Then took a good bong hit too. I think it was a great experience. So much, that I actually became roommates with him and some other people, and I ended up trading my PS4 for the bubbler I got high off of the first time. 2 years later, and I still have it, even though I don’t talk to him anymore. It changed my life completely though, to smoke weed. I rarely ever drink now because of it. No calories and no hangover! Lol

  32. The first time I got high: I was at my friends house and she smokes. We were chilling, just smoking a little (I didn’t get high at all.) The next day when I get home I decide I want to smoke on my own (my dad smokes weed) when he left I took his bowl and smoked ALL of his weed. I thought I was dying 😂 my dad got me Taco Bell and after I ate I passed out for hours.

  33. OMG This is almost exactly my first time story. Except it was my gf of the time. No one told me my heart rate would rise. I was convinced it was laced. She kept saying it wasn’t good weed. And asking do you need an ambulance? Not helpful. Though she did have a tray of normal brownies at the ready and Gatorade. So she was prepped that way.

    Then she thought putting on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the TV was a good idea.

    It wasn’t.

  34. The first time I got high I was 15. My dad loved weed so I figured I would like it and I was right. My friend who had smoked before had about an eighth of weed and rolling papers, but neither of us were good at rolling. We were in my garage and we rolled one joint. I took one hit and I was in love. We smoked two more and got super paranoid and scared that there was a demonic presence near us. The feeling was great because I wasn’t alone and everything was funny. We ended up smoking all of the weed… if we had more I would have kept smoking… I had a great experience.

  35. The first time I got high I was 16 (maybe 17?) and my friend invited me over. I decided I wanted to try it so we literally smoked 3 bowls and I felt nothing. I made sure I was inhaling and all I felt was a slight buzz. We ended up just going for a walk to see if it was going to kick in, when we ran into a couple of our friends. They then invited us to smoke and we ended up behind this building and I had a bong in my lap that had blue powerade instead of water. I took one rip and nearly threw up, and I could barely keep my eyes open. My best friend came to pick me up and the entire ride home I was staring at the radio screen just watching the minutes go by. I could barely walk from my friend’s house to out to her car. I think it’s safe to say that the three bowls all hit me when I took that rip.

  36. I was 17 and I was with a girl and guy friend of mine. We were like “let’s get high”. We decided to prepare and get some snacks at the gas station on the corner. We got home. Smoked. And I ate cosmic brownies and donuts like it was my job. I still remember how damn delicious those donuts were when I was eating them. The next morning I was like “hey I’m gonna have one of those bomb ass donuts I was hording last night”. I took a bite and it was a terrible donut. I was so sad that it wasn’t anywhere near as good as it was when I was high. I smoked in and off after that but for the last year it’s been consistent and it has made life so much better and fun.

  37. First time I got high:

    I took about 25mg of gummy bears and my friend had a brilliant idea of putting my gaming computer together. I was so high, I could not find the USB ports on my computer. Then, once we finally set it up, my friend LEFT ME and I stared at my computer because it was changing colors and I laughed at it for like an hour.

  38. My first time smoking was so terrible! I went to a friends house, he rolled a joint first and we smoked that. As soon as we were done with that, he packed a bowl and we passed that around. By this point, my legs were uncontrollably shaking for some reason so I sat in the floor. THEN he gave me 2 dabs of crumble (he didn’t think I got the first one). I was SO DEAD. I felt sick so his girlfriend gave me some food which made me vomit immediately. It was a good hour before I could walk back home. So terrible lol. I’ve been smoking steady since then though, going on 4 years now. 🙂

  39. “Smoke went in my eyeballlll”
    First time getting high I spent the night at my girlfriends house, we woke up got ready for school 3 of our guy friends came over before, and she said “we should smoke before school,” I said okay, not really knowing what was going to happen! So they arrive and we all go in her back yard and they whip out a huge ass bong with like 6 perks, me still not knowing what I’m getting myself into hits it 2 TIMES!!! Lol so after my friend and I finished smoking we both walked inside look at the clock and we were late to school, she runs upstairs to grab something and i just sit on her kitchen table, I yell to her “we should eat something” and she said grab something quick we have to leave. I’m still sitting down in the chair and I couldn’t move lol I was stuck , so she comes back down and I say I can’t do this I can’t go to school she’s like are you crazy we are going …. I was like I’ll tell my mom I got food poisoning and I can’t go to school today she says no we are going! So for that very second I got confendence back and was like okay let’s do this and grabbed two bananas lol THEN we are driving to school and I open up one took a bite of it put it in the cup holder two seconds later grab the other banana open it up and take a bite of it, my friend is like you just opened up two bananas and we start laughing like crazy seriously best laugh in my life.. finally we get to school.. first period is my favorite teacher and I was just a TA and that day they were watching a movie so I walk in late af sat down right by my teacher (that’s were I sat) and I get a book out of my bag and pretend like I’m reading and lay the book on my head haha and I fell alseep. Second period comes around and I just couldn’t do it so i went into the cheer room and in the back we had bean bags and places to sleep so I passed out for second period, third period comes around and my friend comes to get me because we have the same class Btw she’s perfectly fine me over here dying we walk to class, and Thankfully we had a sub so we took notes all class and I think I’m taking good ass notes comes to find out later I open up my notebook and couldn’t ready ONE word on any page! Soooo after third period I couldn’t take it anymore and I called my grandma to pick me up and I told her I had a bad headache so she took me home and I passed out for 6 hours lol

  40. I actually did this to one of my friends it wasn’t this bad but I smoked her up for the first time in the woods and I smoked a lot and she was trying to keep up with me and after like 5 bowls we left and she was so high we went to noodles and company and she threw up in the bathroom then we went and sat in the car and she was in the fetal position for like 30 min😂I felt so bad

  41. First time I got high was with my boyfriend after high school, and we sat on the tail of his dads truck and watched bunny rabbits play. Then went inside where I proceeded to eat grape tomatos (an entire package), and an entire bag of grapes as we watched Dazed & Confused. 25 minutes into the movie he tried to kiss me and I got so nauseous that I threw up in his room, and he slept downstairs because he couldn’t handle it. His mom that he was still living with had to come take care of me because he was grossed out and offended.

  42. WoW I thought I was the only one that said eye boogers lol this vid is awesome. Wish I had that much weed on me now. My first time wasn’t anything like that but ty so much for the laugh😂 can’t wait to see wats next😋much Aloha💝

  43. I was 14 and it was with my best friend and her bf at the time he was the only one who had smoked before and had brought all the stuff we needed but he forgot the rolling papers and all he had was these fucken index card from school and her used that to roll 🤦🏽‍♀️ And being fucken young and dumb we fucken to them to smoke outta 😂 that was my first time trying to get high

  44. My first time was on my 13th birthday with 5 friends and we walked about 1/4 mile to smoke outside and we smoked way more then we should have and 1 friends was tripping so hard she couldn’t walk and it took like 20 minutes when it normally takes 3. i had a great high though and i’ve been smoking since.

  45. My first time smoking weed, I was 18 and these people i went to school with were like hey joelle lets hang out after school! and knowing me i thought we were gonna play mario kart or something, but no. i get to my friends house her name was ally and her and her bf and her friend carmen sit at the kitchen table in a circle and they start passing around a joint and in my head im like omg omg omg i have never smoked before but if i say no im gonna kill the mood so when it was passed to me i take the biggest hit of this joint and my lungs are on FIRE right, the joint come to me about 2 more times and i hit it each time at this point im on the couch everything is spinning i feel like im dying and ally is like HEY JOELLE WANT A DAB? I get up and walk over to her like whats thag? while shes heating up this gold slab on this little circle thing and has this like really wide glass straw lookin thing and shes like dont worry this will make u feel better and im like…ok? I take the straw and take the entire dab it had to be half a gram and i feel like i cant breathe and im on couch lock, i cant move im sweating so bad i wanted someone to call 911 i tried to sleep but then i got hungry and im like guys i think im hungry like help me and they bring me this HOT ASS CHILLI it was made with like ghost peppers and shit and i ate it and i literally felt like i was being set on fire then i think i passed out but yea that was fun

    1. The first time I got high was awful. My mom added cannabis cooking oil to a dinner she thought her and her husband at the time we’re having alone. Well I can’t home from my friends in stead of staying over and decided I was gonna eat. Of course my mother was passed out and I was about 14 at the time. So I ate ALOT of this dinner. It was pasta and it was amazing. It took about 2 hours for me to start feeling like I was crazy tired and felt really loopy. I woke up the next day and thought I had brain damage. I went back to my friends house and was almost in tears because I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I legit googled my “symptoms” as the day went on I forgot about it and didn’t mention anything to my mom about it til like 2 days later. I explained how I felt when I got home from my friends. And how I felt really loopy. She asked me what I ate that day and I named everything, including that pasta….. she was crying from laughing so hard. She told me what had happened and I laughed with her. The next morning she let me smoke from a pipe and I had a much better experience.I’ve used cannabis ever since because I cannot handle pain medicine of any kind and I have awful lady pains. My mom was the same way and I had asked my grandma about cannabis before and it’s just always been very accepted in my family. And I’m very thankful for its uses. And I love my first time getting high story and I love that my mother is apart of it. Haha. I also love how much expression you have. Your personality is awesome. And when Mac scared you I loooooooollllllllllllld so hard.


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