Online Cannabis Marketing Tips to Grow Your Cannabiz

Are you searching for practical and actionable online cannabis marketing tips? You’re in the right place! While marketing a cannabis business presents a unique set of challenges (AKA were up against a lot of shit) there are powerful steps you can take to grow your business online. If you’re looking to spread cannabis education, attract [...]

Issa wake and bake

Yooo wassup guys! JL16420 here bringing y’all a laid back wake and bake! Today we idly discuss plans for this years upcoming 4/20! So kick back, relax, grab a bowl and take a hit with me this quiet chill morning! As always guys. Stay Toasty, Stay High. Let me know what your 4/20 plans are [...]

Wake and Bake with the Smol Boi!

Yoo wassup guys! JL16420 here bringin y’all a chilled out wake and bake! Today we just ramble on about what’s in store for the future and some events on this past week. So grab a bowl, grab your favorite strain, and smoke along with me this morning! As always guys. Stay Toasty, Stay High IG: [...]