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My Channel Update & SnowStorm pt 2

Hey everyone, so my channel and all my videos have been really slow and out of order lately, I made this short video to explain why and update everyone a little bit on what I have going on and what I have planned to do soon! I’m working on catching everything up and making my [...]

710Labs Review

~IntergalacticDreamz~ ~Medical Marijuana Patient, Prop 215 18+~ Hello YouTube people, I am Paul or IntergalacticDreamz. I am here to bring you guys cannabis and art related content special to California. In this video I will be reviewing 710Labs unquestionably OG liverosin 90u Persy batch. This concentrate company was been taking the cannabis industry by storm [...]

Mandala Relaxing Meditation Mix

~IntergalacticDreamz~ ~Made with Lumen, Visual Synthesizer Software~ ~Music by: @Gravity.Sound Link for Lumen: https://lumen-app.com/ Hello WeedTube people, I am IntergalacticDreamz and I am here to bring you guys Medical Marijuana and Visual Art content special to California. I have recently come across this visual synthesis software called lumen that I use to create this cool [...]