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I Went 72 Hours Without Weed

What’s up Weedtube! Today I took a 72 hour tolerance break and vlogged the experience, it sucked. Enjoy! Follow Me!Instagram:

Resolution, Does it work?!

What is up you guys! I’m back with another video after my long hiatus status. I put resolution to the test on my dirty bitch and well, let’s just say I leave an honest 100 percent review on it. Let me know how you clean your pieces in the comments below, or if you have [...]


Instagram: evil.evelyn SC: tacokisses00 Twitter: evil3velyn Hi friends! This is from when I visited Illinois recently. It was really hard to say goodbye for now but I’m so glad I got to see everyone I’ve missed so much! Make sure to subscribeto my channel to keepup with all of the shenanigans. Subscribe: Stonedalone: