“Rick and Morty” Juicebox Rig From My Website InhaleTheWave.Com!

If you would like to purchase a Rick and Morty Rig go to my website below: https://inhalethewave.com/collections/frontpage/products/rick-and-morty-juicebox-oil-rig Order NOW while it is in stock! And shout out to @hello_im_high on Instagram for supporting my site and posting my product on their page! If you enjoyed this little clip, SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, & COMMENT! Have fun exploring [...]
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SWM While I Make A Mess

Smoke w/ me while I make a beautiful mess! I’m learning how to be more natural so I’m trying to make my own eyeliner. Once it cooled tho I realized it becomes more water-y on the skin…. SO I added another full teaspoon of charcoal, but still didn’t do the trick. Probably more beeswax to [...]

Stoner Music-“Thought Provoking”-Mouce

Hey luvs! Sometimes I catch myself having the most inspirational thoughts, most beautiful ideas, tranquil vibes and best feels while listening to music and getting my stoney bologna on ❤️ Want to see more of me??? Instagram- @younglitmama420 **ALL MUSIC RIGHTS TO*** Mouce-Thought Provoking Give my big bro a follow on insta! And download that [...]

Q&A w/ Shay! (350mg Edible Challenge)

Granny Greenleaf and Sweet Tings blessed us with some wonderful edibles that we decided to incorporate into my Q&A video! Have any additional questions? Hit me up on my Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube! Thank you all so much for viewing my videos and helping me stay high enough to create entertaining content for you guys [...]

DHC + DizzlePuffs Box (Stoney review)

In this vide,we take our first look at the January,’19 Daily High Club Box. Curated bye the “DizzlePuffs” girls ; Koala Puffs & Macdizzle420. It’s StoneyCentral‘s first subscribtion based box and our first review. We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed the box!!!