4 Gram Poo Hash Rosin Dab off the Toro Core Reactor FUUUUUUUCK THAT. I dont think ive ever really mixed two strains of pure shit and ill tell yall right now, its fucking terrible. You get the absolute worst out of both strains. I could taste metal and boof from the one and fish and ass from the other. I couldnt even begin to think [...]
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Sherlock Stoned: Gelato Cake

Cannasseur Q and Hi ZBD investigate a new cannabis strain! Have you tried Gelato Cake before? It was soooo tasty! Comment what strain you want us to hunt down and ‘strainvestigate’ next! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! More Q+ZBD on the Oregon Experts WeedTube! Check out the Oregon Experts website for more cannabis connoisseur [...]


Welcome back to another video! Today we’re taking a look at’s JADE “Juul Compatible” THC distillate pods and their NEWEST flavor/strain, OH MY GUSH! Wow, what a MOUTHFUL 😉 INSTAGRAM @kyleevapes @wheezekyleefa