Wake & Bake

Do you wake & bake every morning? If I could smoke inside I would cook breakfast while doing it but that’s how it goes sometimes! Follow my Instagram! Mell.will.26 

Late night drive!!

WTF IS UP WEEDTUBE! Tsmithers back with another vid! I’m finally getting into the groove of making vids semi-consistantly. This weeks vid is a late night drive, though it was cut a little short because my fav route was shut down. Please enjoy this vlog with bae, and comment below your fav song. I’m working [...]
infused water


Whats up Weedtube! Tsmithers back with another vid! Todays vid is a compilation of vids i’ve done for instagram unedited. I’ll prob do more of these every couple months, but follow me on IG for the real time vids. It’s crazy that i’ve been smoking pretty consistently for the past couple years, and still have [...]

I'm a glass dealer now????

Whats up Weedtube! Its Tsmithers back with another vid. This started out as a joke, but turned into a new business venture. I’ve been passionate, and obsessed with glass since I started smoking regularly years ago. Of course if you saw one, or is interested in owning a piece you saw hit me up! Curated [...]

How To Roll A Joint With Pissed Off Stoner

i’m going to show you guys how i roll a joint by hand, and by roller. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee This is a god damn chill stream so be offensive as fucking possible and smoke with me fuckers. I SMOKE WEED, YOU SMOKE WEED TOO OR WATCH BE RESPECTFUL or your dick will never get sucked BITCHESDONATIONS: [...]