Alen noticed we had 7 bowls from the daily high club that fit all their piece so far so he snapped them in the rocketship from the november box Watch him go like a champ lol
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Easy DIY Stoner Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Don’t know what to get your stoner this Valentine’s Day? Then check out these easy DIY gift ideas! Here’s the link to my tutorial for my DIY teddy bear stash jar https://youtu.be/dk4W6oRNg6w Other ideas of what to put in the stuffed stash jar: glass pendant, weed, dabs, dab tool, carb cap, rolling tips, stickers, chocolates, [...]

Reefer Madness: Guess that Movie Title Challenge

It’s another Reefer Madness video! In this video @Dope.Reviewz.with.budz joins me with his movie knowledge and puts me to the test! I am guessing 5 movie titles based on the movie plot. Can you follow along? What did you get at the end? Post it in the comments below!! Twitter: @rookie.reefer Instagram: @skarlettx The Weedtube: [...]

Late night dab sesh

Those stoner kids made a bunch of iso dabs and havent smiked that much in the past week so we are fuuuuuuucked chiv here with a thing remember to be kindto others, people may not always remember the thibgs youve said but they will remember the feeling you gave them also so sorry i ended [...]

Why do I have a belly button? – Hotbox Q&A 003

When your Instagram family has Qs, you hotbox your car and supply the As. Big shoutout to all the lovely people who sent us questions! Connect with all of them in the description below… [01:07] stoned2getherstay2gether – Have you ever had a successful tolerance break? Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stoned2getherstay2gether/ [01:56] @plantcult – What’s the most embarrassing story [...]

The Reasons We Smoke Weed

A Husband and Wife walk through Parenthood, fighting Mental Illness. We choose to Medicate with Cannabis. In this video we get a little Personal and a little emotional as we Advocate the Medicinal Power of Weed. Leave a Comment Down Below and Tell Us why you smoke weed. Follow our Instagram: @its_purplerose_ @smokeyjoe710