The Dopest Animals Ever! — Day 8/34

Hey, PotSquad! Today I get stoned with you guys and talk about what I think are some of the coolest animals! We smoke on some tasty Pineapple Express and I share a little bit about my choices. Definitely watch till the end! Like, comment and subscribe!   Instagram:

I Pissed My Pants – Story Time

What’s up guys! Today I wanted to change it up a bit and get drunk and tell you a little story of a time I peed my pants cause who doesn’t love a good pee story? I hope you guys enjoy! Follow Me!Instagram:

Just Go With the Flo

high everyone ! Today’s strain of the day is FLO! I found my information off of: twitter – farhigh_instagram – far.high_ NJMMP
Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 2.21.08 PM

Sherlock Stoned: DosiFace

Joint Weedson (ZBD) and Sherlock Stoned (Q) investigate the lineage of a tasty strain! See more Sherlock Stoned on Cannasseur Q’s channel! Don’t forget to subscribe! Cannabis content, articles, and more on <3 Stay high! (if youre legal 😉
Hawaiian Hotbox

Hawaiian Hotbox for 420 followers

I filmed a Hawaiian hotbox sesh in celebration of hitting 420 followers on Instagram, and in the process of typing this out I also found out I’ve passed 420 views on my videos all together. So thank you all so so so much for watching and liking my content, it really means the world and [...]