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Cookies & Cream Strain Review!

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! We’re going to grind up a little bit of Cookies & Cream and see what the smell, taste & effect is all about. This strain was part of my Christmas Stash – let’s see if Santa delivers the dank. We post pretty much on a daily on our Instagram feed, [...]
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The Christmas Stash

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. We’re having a look at what trees we’ll be blazing over the festive period while we get cosy by the fire & stay lit. Thanks for watching and have a great Christmas! Comment what strains you’ll be enjoying this Christmas 🙂 We post pretty much on a daily on our [...]

Volcano Vaporizer – 1g HOW MANY BAGS?!

Hey, thanks for stopping by. Today we’ve got a gram of Critical Mass and my trusty Volcano Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel and we’re going to see how many bags of vapour we can get! Now this isn’t really a reliable test, there’s always going to be so many variables from the potency & freshness [...]