Juana learn ep 1 concentrate terms_Moment (2)

JuanaLearn: Concentrate Terms

With all these terms in the Cannabis community, it’s hard to keep up with them all! Check out the blog to learn more about concentrates and terms that are scratch to the surface of all things related to concentrates so stay tuned for more Juana Learn episodes. Want me to cover a topic, comment below, [...]
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MarissaGone: SWM and the Moon

The Full Moon Brings Great, FULL energy! So I had to do a video talking a little, tiny bit about the Full Moon and its influence it had while it was in Leo’s sign. I know sounds, like a lot, but I explain a little bit about it while smoking. This makes me think I [...]
JAN 14th thumb

MarissaGone: Smoke w/ Me While I Make A Mess

Smoke w/ me while I make a beautiful mess! I’m learning how to be more natural so I’m trying to make my own eyeliner. Once it cooled tho I realized it becomes more water-y on the skin…. SO I added another full teaspoon of charcoal, but still didn’t do the trick. Probably more beeswax to [...]
jan 7th final_Moment(4)

MarissaGone: Smoke with Me and Ashwaganda

Just Moringa, Ashwaganda, and I… Starting to put together my first care package for a sick friend and I read up on the healing properties of Moringa & Ashwaganda and all it’s natural haleing it can do. Impressed on how overly healthy it is for us, I made a video to spread the word! Check [...]
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Smoke With Me and My Rollers on NYE!

Smoking with My Rollers! My Face Rollers…. that is ;D “I think in terms of my day’s resolutions, not the year’s.” – Henry Moore, English Sculptor and Artist I spent this NYE like I would any other night, but with a little extra love for myself <3