Strain Review: Slurricane

Slurricane is certainly a beautiful strain, stacked with sugary trichomes and a few dark purple leaves. Slurricane is a cross between Do-So-Dos and Purple Punch making it an Indica Dominant Hybrid. The aroma of Slurricane is of light creamy overtones and a medium hint of berries when the bud is broken. As an Indica, Slurricane [...]

Homemade Kief Coated Joint

Hi guys!! Thank you for watching!!In this video, he draws a bud 🍃at breakfast, then rolls us a kief coated joint🔥🙌🔥🍃I think it came out kinda perfect for his first time👏Have you made this before? How did it come out? Any tips? Thank you advance🙏 Watch the end😂 lol  Please like, comment, and subscribe if [...]

Late night drive!!

WTF IS UP WEEDTUBE! Tsmithers back with another vid! I’m finally getting into the groove of making vids semi-consistantly. This weeks vid is a late night drive, though it was cut a little short because my fav route was shut down. Please enjoy this vlog with bae, and comment below your fav song. I’m working [...]

Not the Chrome Cake You Were Expecting?!

high guys ! todays strain of the day is Chrome Cake — brand new to Harmony dispensary! I asked someone who works there to give me some information but otherwise I had to work with the ancestry. Anyway … ENJOY ! Instagram – far.high_Twitter – farhigh_ NJMMP

I Have a Kush VIII on You!

High everyone ! Todays strain of the day is Kush VIII. The information i used was from: Twitter – farhigh_Instagram – far.high_ NJMMP