How To Bong Your Cartridge

 Decided to show you guys ,  how for very cheap if not free make an easy attachment for your cartridges to use them with water filtration in a bong !  Comment below what you thought and as always Peace From The East  ✌️ 

First Time Bong Rip (Epic Fail!)

I literally died that night it was so disgusting, I’m sorry but I thought I’d share my first time trying a bong with you guys! I may not be doing it right, I know I’m not a pro yet. Any tips you can give me will be super appreciated Instagram- @japanesedolll

2018 Rap Up

Uncle Murda does a song at the end of the year basically summarizing the year in its entirety. Here I am smoking a distillate joint. I do not own the rights to any music played in this video ****

A Hit out of Every Piece Of Glass I Own

www.patreon.com/matthias710 www.teamsmallnips.com This is HANDS DOWN the craziest video ive ever made. This even tops out the 1lb hot box. I took a rip out of 9 pipes and then hit 28 dabs back to back. Almost an hour and a half long, a few kabobbles, and tons of fuckery later and im still standing. [...]