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Four20 Friends: Maniacs Lost in LA

Whats good everyone! The homie Spirit Minded Smokez took me to Maniac Sesh in LA about a week ago and it was super cool. I got to meet Macdizzle and koala puffs really briefly and I also ate some dabs that looked like tiny edibles haha I hope you guys enjoy the sesh, new God [...]

Unboxing Our New Heady Rig! – Ben David x Mr Gray

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=channel/UCbIsK4gRb9b-cVAVG8ibhqgwww.teamsmallnips.com What better place to start off our new channel than with an unboxing of our newest addition to the glass collection! Shout out to @bendavidglass and @mrgrayglass for being so easy and straightforward to work with! We have both been long time fans of Bens work and when we saw the tube with Mr [...]

Hotbox Supply March 2019 Unboxing

Use Coupon Code PhrankieC87 at: http://bit.ly/2MuAVhI For a discount on your box! Let me know what you think of this box in the comments below The box retails for $44.99 Thanks for all the love and positive vibes, Much Love-PhrankieC87 Do me a solid and check out my Instagram and FB Page: https://www.instagram.com/phrankiec87/ https://www.facebook.com/PhrankieC87/ All [...]

Elevated Stash Pikes Peak Box March 2019 Unboxing

Use Coupon Code PHRANKIEC87 at https://elevatedstash.com/ for a Discount on your Pikes Peak Box!  I created a video tutorial on how to use the MJ420 Pipe. Check the video out here:  https://youtu.be/J0wrN6idesw Hey, Everyone! Today, I am unboxing the March 2019 Elevated Stash Pikes Peak Box.   This is the $30 box.  Thank you for [...]
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CBD by 2020 hiieffect

Our 99% pure CBD gives users an easy and light feel while remaining clearheaded and attentive. You can choose between a fine crystalline (Pure) that’s better suited for eating, baking. Ideal for: Anti-anxiety; pain relief; anti-inflammatory; anti-spasm Product Details: All natural – pharmaceutical grade CBD isolate.1/2 gram net weight99%+ pure CBD isolate Use it in [...]

Death by Dabs

This is the biggest dab I have ever taken! RIP to my lungs for sure. I got so high I didn’t do a proper outdo so don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and like my videos 🙂