thumb Jan 21 Full Moon_Momen

MarissaGone: SWM and the Moon

The Full Moon Brings Great, FULL energy! So I had to do a video talking a little, tiny bit about the Full Moon and its influence it had while it was in Leo’s sign. I know sounds, like a lot, but I explain a little bit about it while smoking. This makes me think I [...]
JAN 14th thumb

SWM While I Make A Mess

Smoke w/ me while I make a beautiful mess! I’m learning how to be more natural so I’m trying to make my own eyeliner. Once it cooled tho I realized it becomes more water-y on the skin…. SO I added another full teaspoon of charcoal, but still didn’t do the trick. Probably more beeswax to [...]
jan 7th final_Moment(4)

MarissaGone: Smoke with Me and Ashwaganda

Just Moringa, Ashwaganda, and I… Starting to put together my first care package for a sick friend and I read up on the healing properties of Moringa & Ashwaganda and all it’s natural haleing it can do. Impressed on how overly healthy it is for us, I made a video to spread the word! Check [...]
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Smoke With Me and My Rollers on NYE!

Smoking with My Rollers! My Face Rollers…. that is ;D “I think in terms of my day’s resolutions, not the year’s.” – Henry Moore, English Sculptor and Artist I spent this NYE like I would any other night, but with a little extra love for myself <3