Raw, Uncut, Rant (Why I smoke Cannabis)

**Disclaimer**- I only edited the beginning and the end and some transitions other than that where I actually begin the story is unedited because I knew if i re-watched it I wouldn’t have the balls the upload it. So yeah enjoy sorry it gets raw there is crying and yelling but its real life and [...]

***Dabs of Love Pain be Gone Review****

Hey Guys,So I decided to share with you my FAVORITE pain rub this is 300mg of cbd massage oil. This oil made me a believer and the amazing thing is that it is NOT made by some huge corporation, its made by a wonderful beautiful women!!! She works out of her home and puts so [...]

Josh D – Og Kush Flower Review

Og kush review. Some dank flower good for people that suffer from back pain like I do. Check out their flower. Looking for some dope gear check out some of my faves on etsy!

Why I Smoke Weed

With several bulging and ruptured discs in my spine, I smoke a metric fuckton of weed every day to manage the pain. YouTube: Spaced Out Stoner Instagram: @spacedout.stoner Twitter: @spacedoutstoned


HELLO MY SUNFLOWER BUDS.First off I just want to thank everyone who is watching and subscribing it means a lot to me and I’m honestly shocked at how many people like my content! I should be back to uploading normal schedule in a day or two much Love ! If you would like to see [...]

Serious Talk

What’s up mother fucker’s?! WARNING: I GET EMOTIONAL. In this video I talk about shitty upraising, abusive parents, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. If I can reach even 1 person with this video and make them feel normal than I will be happy.