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My Channel Update & SnowStorm pt 2

Hey everyone, so my channel and all my videos have been really slow and out of order lately, I made this short video to explain why and update everyone a little bit on what I have going on and what I have planned to do soon! I’m working on catching everything up and making my [...]

Welcome Home

There will be a way better intro sooner or later. This channel will have so many cool things like Traveling, Challenges, vlogs, first times, reviews, unboxings, story times, Q&A’s, Gaming and much much more!! Stay tuned family… This a quick video about the channel and all the cool stuff that will be coming.

ASMR CBDistillery Review + Sesh

Hi this is my third video now and wanted to say a big thanks to everyone and the support you all have shown me. This is my first time doing ASMR though, I do love watching it on youtube like ASMRGlow or GibiASMR. Make sure to follow my instagram to stay updated: https://www.instagram.com/lensden_/