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this is how to make a difference while getting lit! getting two birds stoned at I filmed this video with my friend three days ago on an impulse.  We decided to initiate a park clean up just the two of us to see how much of an impact we could make.  In less than 2 [...]

Smoking From The FRONT Of The Joint

I am finally back for another smoke sesh. I smoke the rest of an old joint and even attempt to smoke from the front. This was filmed on a school day and I went to a playground not to far from my college to spark. Luckily there weren’t any kids so I was pretty much [...]
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Q&A Sesh

Come sesh with me!! I sat down and answered a few questions I got from Instagram while puffing on a joint of Wedding Cake grown by Curio Wellness. Had a lot of fun on a nice warm day making this, I hope you enjoy! Questions from : @lensden_ and @420cruzer(Click on name for hyperlink to [...]