HEYYYY GUYS!!! I’m stoked to finally give you guys my list of fav rapping ladies. I hope you guys found somebody you didn’t know of before this video. maaaad love to all my girls out there getting to the $$$$. CALL REHAB BITCHEZZZZZZ  also honorary mentions: Bri StevesS3nsi MollyYoshi VintageFarrah FawxCity GirlsDreezy HOW TO ORDER FROM [...]
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The Butler #4 (Hippie Butler)

I’m back at it again with Hippie Butler and as usual I’m not disappointed! HB always has some of the dopest things I get in boxes, be sure to check them out and if you get something use my affiliate link. If you enjoyed this video comment below, leave a like, and hit the sub [...]
The Vim Story

I GOT KICKED OUT!? || The Vim Story [Entry 2]

Check out the second entry to the series; today I share “The Vim Story” with you guys. You guys are probably wondering, “When did you get kicked out?” Don’t worry, we’re building up to that day… anyways, hope you guys enjoy! SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed the content. LIKE this video if you’ve ever done anything [...]

Country Music Phenomenon!

So I know this guy by the name of Russell Davis the IV and his talent created something amazing I had to share with the world! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as me. Skip ahead to the 1:12 mark to get straight to the music 🎶