4 Gram Poo Hash Rosin Dab off the Toro Core Reactor FUUUUUUUCK THAT. I dont think ive ever really mixed two strains of pure shit and ill tell yall right now, its fucking terrible. You get the absolute worst out of both strains. I could taste metal and boof from the one and fish and ass from the other. I couldnt even begin to think [...]

Unboxing Our New Heady Rig! – Ben David x Mr Gray

httpv:// What better place to start off our new channel than with an unboxing of our newest addition to the glass collection! Shout out to @bendavidglass and @mrgrayglass for being so easy and straightforward to work with! We have both been long time fans of Bens work and when we saw the tube with Mr [...]


httpv:// Hey there everyone!!! Welcome to our new channel! This has been something we have both been wanting to do for awhile and have put a lot of thought and work into making this a reality. This will be a place for Kate and I to post our joint videos and do some more of [...]

Mail Time on Mushrooms – EP.2 Damn was this fun to film. EASILY one of my favorite videos weve ever shot. We went a lot harder with the mushrooms this time and waited a while longer before we started filming and it went perfect! So much laughter and so many smiles! I really hope you all enjoy!

Top 9 Dabs of the Week THIS WAS THE SINGLE MOST AGGRAVATING EPISODE IVE EVER HAD TO EDIT. One of the clips was . broken but it didnt really give me agreat idea of which one so i had to re edit this THREE FUCKING TIMES. 

Hawaii 2019 Part 3 This is the last video. Its not much but its all the footage I had! We had an absolute BLAST on the Yeeter Skooters, If you ever visit Oahu, Its a must that you rent mopeds. So much fun. Huge thanks to Casey, Tobiah, and Kate for making my birthday the best ive ever [...]

Hawaii 2019 Part 1

New Videos – Merch – Dont really have much to say about this one. Or i have too much to say and just dont want to type it all out. Hands down one of the single greatest weeks of my life and I got to spend it with my best friends.

Three 1 Gram Dabs in a Row – 10th Patreon Goal We did it! Again. So I of course had to up the ante from the original Three Gram Schnoz Bomb and we did that by making it three single gram dabs. It sucked, a lot. But you all are 10000000% worth it. Thank you all so much for supporting me and allowing me [...]