Slutty Brownies with Weed Butter = EPIC EDIBLES

Are you ready for the most epic edibles ever? This edible is a delight, so I’m calling it Stoner’s Delight. It’s made with weed brownies, Oreos, and weed chocolate chip cookies. Sounds delicious right? Because IT IS!! Here’s the recipe! Ingredients:Box of Brownie Mix (and whatever other ingredients box calls for)Box of Cookie Mix (and [...]
Make Your Own THC Infusions

Make Your Own THC Herbal Infusions With The Magical Butter Machine

https://www.myxedup.com/products/magi… Just push a button and watch the Magic Butter Herbal Infuser go to work on almost anything you can imagine. The fully automatic, microprocessor controlled program sequences create less hassle and more production. The Magic Butter makes your recipes bolder by extracting nutrients directly into your butter, cooking oil, alcohol, and YES even lotions. [...]

The Magical Butter Machine

Hi Folks!! Today we are looking at a device that I have been longing for since forever – The Magical Butter Machine!! Now, don’t let the name fool you…. this is used for way more than just butter! You can infused all sorts of products from oils, lotions and alcohol based tinctures! For today’s review [...]