Getting Way Too Crossfaded!!

Hello friends! I hope you enjoy today’s late af video!! It’s where I get a little tipsy, and get stoned as fuck, while telling of my first time getting that way! I hope you enjoy today’s chill and fun storytime type of sesh!!

$20 of K2 almost killed me

So I was really trying to treat myself and normally and buy from my boii in California to keep the product SAFE AND FRESH but I wanted my shit asap and got it from a dealer I purchased from before. This mother fucker had a bud and a bit of crumbled up “weed” and I [...]

Large Kush bowl in the middle of the Mountains

On the way to one of my favorite places we hit rocks, pot holes, and probably lost the muffler lol but the vibe and view is amazing 🏞🏔 then this highflyer loaded a new piece with the ultimate bowl of my new favorite hybrid strain 🍃💨 thanks for watching guys please like and subscribe:)  


HI! My name is sydney and this is my first video on theweedtube! everything is done by me from the starting graphic editing to the technical details. I am classically untrained in editing and asmr so forgive me if its bad.Cannabis and asmr are two of my favorite ways to relax, or feel good, so [...]

Never have I ever

High everyone !!!!! Thank you so much for clicking on our video!!! Hang out with us while we get high & play never have I ever! Please like & subscribe Leave us a comment let us know what you think!! Thanks so much for watching  

Smoke Sesh |New Series?!?| w/Ashle's Life

Hope you guys enjoyed the videos coming out thinking about making a new series video will be up soon about that but make sure to go Check out Ashle’s channel and make her start uploading!!! Youtube: httpv:// ➜ Social Media Ash- Ash- Bryan -InstaGram: Bryan-Twitter at-