Raw, Uncut, Rant (Why I smoke Cannabis)

**Disclaimer**- I only edited the beginning and the end and some transitions other than that where I actually begin the story is unedited because I knew if i re-watched it I wouldn’t have the balls the upload it. So yeah enjoy sorry it gets raw there is crying and yelling but its real life and [...]
I got kicked out!?

I GOT KICKED OUT!? || The Perfume Story [Entry 1]

This is the first video entry to my story series: I GOT KICKED OUT!? Instead of telling you the simple story of being kicked out, I decided I really want be transparent and tell you the events that lead up to that life-changing day.ย  SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed the content. LIKE this video if you [...]

Get to know me!!!!

Lucky you!!! One of the first to watch my own homemade, home edited video. I really hope you enjoy and become a subscriber. I never realized how fufilling it is to make your own art from start to finish!!! All I have to say is if you watch this and enjoy it and you make [...]

Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

Well guys this is just a shot in the dark my first weed tube video let’s do it!! My name is Jen and without cannabis and the cannabis community I wouldnt be here today so thank you and I’m here to share my journey I’m new at videos as I’m a blogger but hell you [...]

Hawaii 2019 Part 2 Our first days on the island! It was so fucking awesome to see Casey and Tobiah get to see Oahu for the first time and really get to explore by ourselves. The last two years we have gone other people have dictated what we were going to doing but this year we had zero [...]