The Vim Story

I GOT KICKED OUT!? || The Vim Story [Entry 2]

Check out the second entry to the series; today I share “The Vim Story” with you guys. You guys are probably wondering, “When did you get kicked out?” Don’t worry, we’re building up to that day… anyways, hope you guys enjoy! SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed the content. LIKE this video if you’ve ever done anything [...]

I Use To Have Drealocks!!? || Memory Mondaze

Fun fact: I use to have beautiful, healthy dreadlocks. Ironically, here’s a little throwback video about the time I decided to take them out.  SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed the content. LIKE this video if you dig my old hairstyle. Connect with me on my other socials: Instagram: @puffpuffgyal YouTube: DLSA Ent. Much love, STAY HIGH [...]
I got kicked out!?

I GOT KICKED OUT!? || The Perfume Story [Entry 1]

This is the first video entry to my story series: I GOT KICKED OUT!? Instead of telling you the simple story of being kicked out, I decided I really want be transparent and tell you the events that lead up to that life-changing day.  SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed the content. LIKE this video if you [...]
Time is Precious

Time is so Precious! || Flashback Fried-Days

Some of you guys are unaware but I have a channel with my boyfriend on YouTube called “DLSA Ent.” and we felt compelled to share one of our old videos with you all. Hope you guys get inspired or motivated from the video, enjoy! Fun Fact: I use to have dreadlocks! (As you can clearly [...]

Here & queer!! The kween is exiting the closet!!

Hello everyone & welcome back!This is the first time I’ve really opening said this, so here it is exclusively on the weedtube!It’s never too late to love yourself enough to BE YOURSELF.I’m so happy I am finally doing this. Love is love Thanks for watching!Like & subscribe.Any love would be appreciated 💚🌬🌈