Smoking From The FRONT Of The Joint

I am finally back for another smoke sesh. I smoke the rest of an old joint and even attempt to smoke from the front. This was filmed on a school day and I went to a playground not to far from my college to spark. Luckily there weren’t any kids so I was pretty much [...]

First Person That I Got Stoned With

To celebrate TheWeedtube’s 1st birthday, I will be retelling the story of my first time getting high with the one of the first people that was there to witness it! This story takes place five years ago my freshman year of high school. A lot of shit has happened since then in half a decade. [...]


Will be smoking weed with my manz ZACH and we will be seshing and talking to you guys for about half an hour! We filmed this back in January but I always intended to drop it this month. We got my bowl packed with my dispensary’s finest bud. Smoke along and SUBSCRIBE for more content! [...]

My Advice To New Weedtubers

So you wanna either make or continue making weedtube videos, but you don’t know where to start… I’m here to help. TheWeedtube.com is a growing site that allows us all to grow.I offer some tips (while taking some dabs) on how YOU can start making your own content in case you’ve been feeling reluctant or [...]

We Take THC-INFUSED Pills!

Brianna AKA CurlySway is finally back on my channel to get high with me and reminisce on old baked memories! It was too cold to smoke outside the day we filmed this so I thought it would be a great idea to ingest a THC pill together! I got them from my local medical cannabis [...]

“Rick and Morty” Juicebox Rig From My Website InhaleTheWave.Com!

If you would like to purchase a Rick and Morty Rig go to my website below: https://inhalethewave.com/collections/frontpage/products/rick-and-morty-juicebox-oil-rig Order NOW while it is in stock! And shout out to @hello_im_high on Instagram for supporting my site and posting my product on their page! If you enjoyed this little clip, SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, & COMMENT! Have fun exploring [...]

Reviewing 18% CBD Strain!

Got to sample another hemp strain called AC/DC! It is a CBD-dominant strain that’s about 18% CBD! I just spend time blazing along with you guys as I do a brief review of it! If you want legal hemp buds, go to www.MiamiRave.com If you need dank stoner products, visit www.InhaleTheWave.Com!!! Like, Comment, ‘n SUBSCRIBE [...]