Top 9 Dabs of the Week THIS WAS THE SINGLE MOST AGGRAVATING EPISODE IVE EVER HAD TO EDIT. One of the clips was . broken but it didnt really give me agreat idea of which one so i had to re edit this THREE FUCKING TIMES. 

Smoke Sesh |New Series?!?| w/Ashle's Life

Hope you guys enjoyed the videos coming out thinking about making a new series video will be up soon about that but make sure to go Check out Ashle’s channel and make her start uploading!!! Youtube: httpv:// ➜ Social Media Ash- Ash- Bryan -InstaGram: Bryan-Twitter at-

Chill af Car Hotbox SmokeSesh!!! |Get High with US|

18++ONLY!! What’s good guys welcome back, hope ya’ll smoked with us and enjoyed the hotbox.let me know if ya’ll enjoyed the video and what more you all want to see! Make sure to follow our social media! Check out |The YouTube| for dope ass content httpv:// ➜ Social Media Ashle’s IG: IG: Twitter at-

A Hit out of Every Piece Of Glass I Own This is HANDS DOWN the craziest video ive ever made. This even tops out the 1lb hot box. I took a rip out of 9 pipes and then hit 28 dabs back to back. Almost an hour and a half long, a few kabobbles, and tons of fuckery later and im still standing. [...]


We were so excited to find a table cloth that you can colour! The more we smoke and colour, the more insanity sunk in… like always. Hope you guys are enjoying vlogmas as much as we are! Check out the rest of our vlogmas videos and comment on your favourite one! Follow us on instagram [...]

The Craziest Dab Ive Ever Taken! Ive never hit a crazier nose dab in my life! SO many terps and SO much vapor production. By the end I couldnt even see straight. We headed over to @cannabend__ and picked up a gram of rosin and a gram of live resin to do our 50 Patron Dab! A gram out of [...]


This has got to be one of my favorite places ive ever been too. Its just so intensely colorful and peaceful, you can easily forget your on this planet. And the mushrooms just added an extra level of vibrance to everything as well as some awesome positive vibes. I think at least three of us [...]