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Four20 Friends: Gas Mask Bong

Whats good my four20 friends, for this sesh i wanted to show you all the gas mask that I will be taking with me to Las Vegas when i go in march! This is my first gas mask so it took some time to learn how to use it in all honesty haha, but its [...]

Chocolate Citrus?!

High guys ! Today Im introducing you to Tangilope ! The information used is from : https://www.leafly.com/sativa/tangilopehttps://www.allbud.com/marijuana-strains/sativa-dominant-hybrid/tangilope Twitter – farhigh_Instagram – far.high_ NJMMP

This Box is $15.99

high guys ! today i’m opening a new subscription box from Hippie Butler! Heres the link to their website:https://www.hippiebutler.com/get-started/?utm_expid=.E9QjVtRLR1mdqp0grZ7l6g.0&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hippiebutler.com%2F Twitter – farhigh_Instagram – far.high_ NJMMP

Skywalker OG Strain Review

Watch this review, you must, for he force is strong with this strain.  Does Skywalker OG pull you towards the light, or does it send you to the Dark side?  Find out in my latest strain review. Make sure to “like” this video and subscribe for more content. Had a different take on the Skywalker [...]

You Wanted Smooth Sailing but I’ve Always been a Tsunami

high guys ! Today im super excited to share my first CBD strain ! Canna-tsu. The information I used : https://www.leafly.com/hybrid/canna-tsuhttp://www.gardenstatedispensary.com/strains/canna-tsuhttps://mmpdirectory.com/marijuana-strain-type/cbd/canna-tsu/https://www.allbud.com/marijuana-strains/hybrid/canna-tsu Twitter – farhigh_Instagram – far.high_ NJMMP

Strain Review: Candyland

Candyland is a strain that takes its name from its estetics rather than fragrance or taste. When the bud is flipped upside down the trichomes resemble a chandalier. Candyland is a sativa dominant hybrid and is a cross between Granddaddy Purple and Platinum Cookies. As a sativa the effects are mood changing and offer a [...]

Get High With Us

Come get high with us for our first WeedTube video!! We didn’t have much to talk about this vid but if you would like to see more please feel free to leave any questions or recommendations for us in the comments for our next video 🙂 we appreciate the love and are very excited for [...]

The Rise of the Worlds Most Powerful

High everyone ! Todays strain of the day is called Blackwater ! I got my information from : https://www.leafly.com/indica/blackwater https://www.allbud.com/marijuana-strains/indica-dominant-hybrid/blackwater Stay tuned for the next strain which I will be mixing with this one ! Twitter – farhigh_ Instagram – far.high_ NJMMP