How To Bong Your Cartridge

 Decided to show you guys ,  how for very cheap if not free make an easy attachment for your cartridges to use them with water filtration in a bong !  Comment below what you thought and as always Peace From The East  ✌️ 

The Cloud V Flash vs The Cloud V Chrome

www.patreon.com/matthias710 www.teamsmallnips.com Two different pens from cloud v today. Were reviewing the new Flash wax pen and compairing it to the older Chrome pen. Both of these pens have very different hits for people with different styles of dabbing. The new Flash pen hits incredibly hard and hot. You get MASSIVE clouds and can really [...]
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How to Clone any Plant (Very Easy)

This channel will try to put out a new video every week, this is for documentation purposes only I don’t not Condone any Illegal activities and is intended for people over the legal age of 18+ that being said lets get started This is a short video on how I clone my plants I am [...]